Current Projects

Our current projects include on-going educational programs with the Geauga Park District such as Nature Scopes and The Chip Henry Institute, as well as conservation, resource and infrastructure projects.

Nature Scopes

In collaboration with the Geauga Park District, Nature Scopes supports the State of Ohio science curriculum for nature-based hands-on activities outdoors. The objective of the program is to encourage exploration and interaction with nature. The students quickly learn that their binoculars  can be used to view objects at distance and up close.

Modroo Farms Preservation

The Foundation for Geauga Parks is proud to support Russell Township Park District in their creation of Geauga County’s newest park, Modroo Farm Preserve.The Foundation made a donation from its unrestricted funds raised in 2016 to support their purchase of this 53 acre historic property.Now, as the Russell Township Park District is finalizing its detailed plans, the Foundation is working to raise the funds necessary for the completion of a wildlife habitat area, reestablishing the grasslands and reforesting a portion of this property. The Foundation is committed to supporting the District in their efforts to transform this property into a park for everyone to enjoy.

Nassau Astronomical Observing Station

Nassau Observing Station is a primary educational feature of Observatory Park. It was acquired as part of Geauga Park District's purchase of 281 acres from CWRU in October 2008. The station's Warner-Swasey deep-sky 36-inch mirror research telescope will be refurbished for educational and research use by the public.

Chip Henry Institute

The Chip Henry Institute for Outdoor Adventure has been established as a memorial to Charles "Chip" Henry, Geauga County Probate & Juvenile Court Judge, whose life's work and passion was to make a lasting impact on young people, and who believed that adventures in Nature are critical to healthy development.

​Nature Scopes

Since it was established in 2003 through 2016, Nature Scopes has educated 6,164 Geauga County students. The program is continuously funded by the generous donations of park sponsors and donors, with primary support from the Foundation for Geauga Parks.