Swine Creek Sugaring Hike

Swine Creek Cabin

Friends of the Foundation,

Please join us as we meet SUNDAY, March 3rd at Swine Creek Reservation to take advantage of the Geauga Park District's free Sap's-A-Risin'! program. 

(Please note that this activity is taking place on a Sunday.)

First we'll meet at 10:30 a.m. for a refreshing walk exploring the park's trails.

We welcome those who attend to stay for the free demonstration of Geauga County maple sugaring and related activities. It is a continuous demonstration that begins at 12:00 noon and runs to 4:00. You can begin and end participation at any time.

More detailed information is provided below. 

From the Geauga Park District website: 

This 412-acre park, situated in the countryside among Amish farms, features Geauga Park District’s sugarbush and offers access to the south section of The Maple Highlands Trail. Eleven trails total 6.1 miles.

Sap's-A-Risin'! Program:

Visit Geauga Park District's sugar house, sugarbush and lodge for a sweet taste of how maple sugaring methods have evolved from the Native American tradition to modern methods! Help gather sap in the sugarbush with a horse-drawn sap sled, experience the tapping, gathering and boiling methods used throughout history, see sap boiling in the sugar house and taste some maple syrup, then warm up with live music by The Real Deal String Band and maple treats in the lodge. The free program is also held March 10 and 17.


These meadows are full of life. Abundant summer wildflowers, such as asters and goldenrods, attract butterflies and many other insects. Low, dense plant growth provides cover for a variety of small mammals and nesting birds, including meadowlarks and bobolinks.

Forests cover much of the park with many kinds of trees. Small streams divide the woods into upland and lowland, where a rich variety of wild plants and animals can be enjoyed year-round. Thirty-two acres of the park are managed as an operating sugar bush.

Along Swine Creek, walnut, sycamore and cottonwood trees shade lush growths of wildflowers. Teeming with aquatic life, the creek invites stream-side exploration. Great blue heron and kingfishers are often seen, and songbirds of many kinds migrate through or nest in this valley.
Our approximately 2 mile hike should last about 60 minutes and will take place snow, rain, or shine.

Meet outside the Sugar House.

Well-behaved spouses, friends and pets are most welcome. Feel free to invite anyone who might be interested in this or future hikes.


Swine Creek Reservation
16004 Hayes Road 
Middlefield Township, OH 44062


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